Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance isn’t just about complying with the minimum requirements of the law. It’s also about that precious peace of mind that comes with having the confidence that your financial investment in your car is well protected.

At Marsh Down Insurance Brokers, we understand the critical importance of price and we specialise in providing not only highly cost-effective cover but also a large range of policy options that offer you the financial protection and confidence you need.

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  • independent intermediaries – we are not tied to just one or two insurers;
  • access to a panel of more than 25 insurance companies;
  • unrivalled expertise across all domains of motor insurance.

Cover Areas:

We offer a range of cover and not just for private car insurance.  For example, we also offer cover for requirements such as:

  • Classic cars with low mileages
  • 2nd cars
  • MPVs
  • Commercial Vans

Your choice

When selecting policies, we know that offering customers choice is important. Why?

It is a fact of motor insurance life that not all policies are necessarily suitable for all drivers and their vehicles. That’s why we have access to a panel of more than 25 insurance companies offering some of the best cover around.

That allows us to identify the policy options that are particularly well-suited to your individual circumstances.

At the heart of our business philosophy is the concept of relationships.

Our key relationship is with you, however, we are able to offer attractive premiums and superb cover by virtue of the strength of the relationships we also have with our insurance providers.

Our mission is to match our understanding of your situation and requirements to our in-depth knowledge of the marketplace and to our insurance providers. That is where your choice comes from and that’s why we know we can help you find suitable and attractive deals.

Our commitment

Ultimately, we know our services can only be judged on the options and propositions we make available to you.  That’s why we would welcome the opportunity to prove our expertise by discussing your requirements further and to demonstrate just what we can do to help.

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