Household Insurance

There is something special about the concept of home.

It’s the roof over our heads and our protection from the outside world – and that’s why we want to ensure that it’s as well protected as possible by appropriate household insurance.

Nobody understands this better than we do at Marsh Down and that’s why we offer a superb range of cover opportunities:


  • cover available through leading insurers such as MMA, Aviva and Zurich Insurance;
  • attractive rates perhaps up to 30% lower than those you might currently be paying through a bank or building society;
  • discounts if you place all your household cover (buildings and contents) through Marsh Down Insurance Brokers;
  • we are independent intermediaries – so we are not tied to just one or two insurers.

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Cover areas:

Our household insurance policies typically cover:

  • buildings insurance, typically including fixtures and fittings – this is essentially the bricks and mortar of your property;
  • contents insurance covering your possessions and household goods.

Not everyone has the same type of property, possessions or views about insurance.

For that reason we offer a wide range of policies that can be tailored to your individual circumstances.

Your choice:

Comparatively few people might wish to put their investment in property and contents at risk by doing without insurance.  In fact, if you have a mortgage, you may find that a condition of the loan is that you maintain insurance cover on the property at all times to the full rebuilding costs.

Yet once you’ve started thinking about insurance, things can quickly become complicated.

Should you split your buildings and contents cover? How big an excess do you feel comfortable with? What exactly does your policy cover and what does it exclude? What are the restrictions on the types of furnishings and goods covered by a policy?

These are all important questions and ones where you might appreciate the advice and guidance that we can provide.

Our commitment

We know that few areas of insurance are as emotionally important to people as that which protects their home and belongings.

We unconditionally guarantee to use our expertise and panel of insurers, to help find you suitable and cost-effective cover.

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