Shopkeepers Insurance

Shopkeepers are sometimes described as the backbone of the nation.

Many, of course, work in this business domain in order to be successful but engaging with members of the public and the contact that involves, is also often a large attraction.

Yet inevitably, serving the public brings with it various degrees of financial risk and that’s why it might be advisable to think seriously about insurance protection.

At Marsh Down Insurance Brokers, we have a policy specifically designed to meet the variable requirements of shopkeepers in the modern world.

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Some of the key benefits of our product include:

  • large no claims bonus available;
  • very cost-effective pricing;
  • all risks cover including accidental damage;
  • multi location policies available.

Cover areas:

Our policies typically offer*:

  • combined package cover (e.g. damage to glass, personal accident & assault, business interruption, loss of accounts receivable, employers’ liability, public & products liability and legal expenses etc.);
  • public & products liability £2m;
  • cover up to £10m at any one location.

*The cover available may be optional and configurable to your individual requirements as defined by the nature of your business and shop.

This is only a very brief outline of some of the total cover available.

Your choice:

Having members of the public and employees on your shop premises constitutes a risk. In some situations, employers’ liability cover may be a legal requirement and public liability protection just common sense.

It is also, unfortunately, the case the shops will typically be vulnerable to things such as natural disasters and the unwanted attention of criminals and vandals etc.

For the typical shopkeepers, the cost of dealing with such issues might be prohibitive if your own bank account is your only source of funding. Insurance exists to remove that worry from your shoulders.

Our commitment

We understand the concerns and requirements of the typical shopkeeper’s business.

Using our expertise, we can help you find cover that is commensurate with your needs both in terms of the protection it provides and the cost.

We would welcome the chance to discuss your requirements and our services further.

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