Landlords & Property Owners Insurance

The term landlord insurance can mean different things to different people.

It’s sometimes also called letting insurance, commercial rental insurance and a variety of other terms.

In practice, it relates to any situation where you own and/or manage property that is being used for commercial rental income-generation purposes through letting. That includes housing associations etc.

That might be where you are letting out a room or two of your own home, a flat you own in a shared property, a shop premises or a complete house.

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Remember that if you are obtaining rental income from a property, typically you cannot use standard owner-occupier policies to provide your cover. Such insurance typically becomes invalid the moment you start obtaining income from your property, at which time you will need some form of landlords’ insurance.

We are pleased to offer a wide range of flexible landlord insurance protection.


  • our unparalleled expertise in letting insurance;
  • very competitive rates;
  • a wide choice of policies and options;
  • the benefits that come with dealing with Marsh Down Insurance Brokers as independent intermediaries – i.e. not being restricted to just one or two insurers.

Cover areas:

Our landlord and letting cover household insurance policies typically cover:

  • buildings;
  • landlords contents;
  • loss of rental income (due to an insured risk);
  • employers liability
  • public liability.

It is important to keep in mind that your property’s cover might lapse if it remains unoccupied for more than a specified number of days (typically 30-45).

That’s why we also offer unoccupied property insurance to cover such eventualities.

Your choice:

As a landlord or property manager/association, your property is your business.

You are also exposed to a very different risk profile to that associated with the typical owner-occupier and you may need special insurance provisions to cover those risks.

Protecting both your capital investment and income stream only makes common sense – and that’s where we can help.

Our commitment

We understand the business issues associated with this type of insurance cover and what’s required to deliver security and peace of mind to you.

We guarantee to use our skills and domain knowledge to help find you suitable and cost-effective cover.

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