General Contractors Liability Insurance

As a contractor, you typically want to concentrate on making a success of your business rather than constantly worrying about the risks and financial exposures that may arise as a result of your activities.

At Marsh Down Insurance Brokers, we understand that and that’s why we provide excellent general contractors’ liability insurance to help you to protect your professional and financial interests.

Here is just a very high-level overview.


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  • clerical employees covered free of charge;
  • multiple trades accepted;
  • temporary trips to the European Union included;
  • no claims bonus available for all trades;
  • cost-effective pricing;
  • our expertise and customer-centric service.

Cover areas:

Our policies typically offer *:

  • public & products liability £2m as standard (up to £5m optional)
  • employers liability £10m as standard
  • contract works cover available;
  • own and hire plant cover available;
  • personal accident cover available;
  • goods in transit cover available.

* As different contractors may require different elements and levels of cover, the elements of cover here are variable and optional as required.

Our policies provide a comprehensive but flexible package of insurance protection to provide you with the confidence you need to focus on business success.

Your choice:

Sadly, things in life don’t always go well or according to our best laid plans.

When that happens, the financial consequences can be severe – which is why insurance exists.

Some forms of cover may be a legal requirement in certain situations, such as employers’ liability cover but others might be entirely optional. Yet not having it might mean the end of your business if you are simply unlucky.

Deciding to do without contractors’ liability insurance might be very risky, particularly when there is such cost-effective cover available. You may wish to decide whether it is really worth the risk.

Our commitment

We are specialists in working with small businesses to find suitable and cost-effective insurance.  Protecting your business and your own financial interests might cost a lot less than you would imagine and we’d welcome the opportunity to explain the available options and prices further on an entirely informal basis.

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